Benefits of self-assignments for photographers

Self-assignments are a great way for professional and enthusiast photographers to practice, improve their skills and challenge themselves creatively. Here are some benefits of creating self-maps and some examples to get you started:

Practice and improve

Self-assignments allow photographers to practice their craft regularly, which can help them develop their skills and gain confidence in their abilities. For example, a photographer might aim to shoot one self-portrait a week to practice posing, lighting, and composition.

Creative challenges for self-assignments

portrait of a smiling girl

Self-assignments allow photographers to challenge themselves creatively by setting new goals and trying new techniques. For example, a photographer might challenge themselves to shoot only black and white photos for a week or capture a specific theme or subject in a unique and creative way.

Personal growth


Self-commissions can be a way for photographers to learn and grow as an artist, as they allow photographers to experiment with new styles and techniques and try things they might not have thought of otherwise. For example, a photographer may aim to shoot only natural light for a week or take a series of photos in a specific location or subject.

Build portfolio

boys sports pictures self assignments

Self assignments can be a great way for photographers to build their portfolios and showcase their skills to potential clients. For example, a photographer may set a goal of creating a series of images that showcase their expertise in a particular area, such as portrait photography or landscape photography.

Some examples of self-assignments that photographers might consider include:

  • Take a series of photos using only natural light
  • Create a series of portraits in black and white
  • Capture a specific theme or subject in a creative way
  • Experiment with different compositions and angles
  • Take photos at a specific location or environment
  • Take a series of photos with a specific lens or camera setting
  • Capturing a specific emotion or mood through photography

Overall, self-commissions are a great way for photographers to practice their craft, challenge themselves creatively, and grow as an artist. They can be a fun and rewarding way to improve your skills and build your portfolio, regardless of your experience level.