Choosing the best hard drive to store your photos

Choosing an external hard drive

Planning to get an external hard drive for the first time? Here’s everything you need to know when choosing one that suits your needs best.

Selecting the right external hard drive is a crucial step in safeguarding your digital photos. While cloud storage provides accessibility, having a physical hard drive grants you complete control. If you’re delving into photo organizing or handling the task independently, the question arises: which external hard drive suits you best?

There are three primary types: Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe) hard drives, Solid State Drives (SSD), and Spinning hard drives. Each serves photo organizing admirably, with no distinct downside or brand superiority.

When it comes to choosing, the determining factor is speed. Let’s explore the options from the slowest to the fastest.

Spinning hard drives

A spinning External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) operates like a portable version of your computer’s internal HDD. Although slower than SSD, it’s cost-effective and offers more storage space. Ideal for those not prioritizing lightning-fast data transfer.

Solid State Drive (SSD) hard drives

Comparable to a high-speed thumb drive, SSDs use memory chips instead of spinning disks. This results in quicker data access and transfer, making them suitable for handling large files like photos and videos. While pricier, they provide a balanced option in terms of speed and cost.

Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe) hard drives

NVMe drives, an advanced version of SSDs, boast a rapid NVMe protocol for high-speed communication with a computer’s processor. While pricier and potentially unnecessary for photo storage, they shine when moving large video files swiftly.

Choosing the right external hard drive hinges on your priorities. If cost-efficiency is paramount, a spinning drive may suffice. Opt for an SSD if you seek a balance between speed and cost. Consider an NVMe drive for lightning-fast transfers, especially with substantial video files.

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