Color gels without the hassles

Color gels without the hassles

Are you looking for a quick easy way to use color gels in your lighting without all the hassle? Selecting the correct color, and fitting it to your light. Testing and making sure it is the color you want. There has to be an easier way. Here comes Lume Cube RGB Tube Light Mini to the rescue.

Kicking it old-school

If you have been kicking it old-school, as I have for years, you probably love color gels, but half the time don’t bother. I mean you’ve got your lights set up, but then have literally dozens of gels to sort through, then tape them on. Hoping they stick and don’t melt. Taking a shot, checking the color. Frequently getting it wrong, sorting through and finding another. Repeat until you find something you like. I must admit I have been writing on them of late, so I know which is which. It’s frustrating and well, I just can’t be bothered half the time. Sound familiar? I mean they look cool … but the hassle. Well, Lume Cube is here to the rescue with their new RGB Tube Light Mini.

What is the Lume Cube RGB Tube Light Mini?

The app-controlled 1ft RGB Lume Cube Tube Light Mini is both powerful and versatile, offering an infinite color selection to fuel your endless creativity. With access to seven preprogrammed special effects and customizable frequencies, compromising on your perfect shot is no longer necessary.

Additionally, this light boasts an impressive CRI rating of 96+ and 950 lumens of light output, making it an essential tool for every photographer, or content creator. The premium aluminum body of the Tube Light Mini offers unparalleled durability, enabling you to pursue your passion anywhere and everywhere.

The Lume Cube RGB Tube Light Mini is just that, but so much more. You can select any color temperature you want or need. It runs on batteries or DC power. And you can use the color picker to pick any color you like and I mean ANY color.

How it works?

Set the lights up, on stands or hand-held. Connect to the LumeCube App and pick your desired color. Easy as that.

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Two assistants holding the Light Tubes one set to Blue, the other pink

The best bit?

Seriously, it just works. Got to love that, right? Not just gels, there are specialized settings. I love the candlelight one, perfect for candlelight illumination. But I also use them for product photography. Lightweight and handy to throw in your kit. I wish I had longer ones too.

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Model: Andrea Gardiner

Assistants: Em and Sharyn