Daily themes to focus our work on

Daily themes to focus our work on

Daily themes in photography have been a great way to bring focus to my work and that of many other photographers I know.

Why participate in daily themes?

Having a subject we can already focus on can motivate us to pick up the camera and take an image (or several). Maybe it’s not your typical genre, but it still gets you creating.

Sharing is a great way to get inspired. Since we all have different views and ways of thinking, coming up with out-of-the-box ideas for a theme helps us all think beyond the typical image we might create. This can help all of us get and be a little more creative.

Themes can help you figure out what you enjoy shooting. And what you don’t. This is a great way to hone in on what you really enjoy shooting.

Reflections Thursday

Where to find daily themes

There are plenty of photography themes that are posted in private groups, on social media, and on photo hosting sites like Flickr. Also follow hashtags on Instagram or Twitter.

Join the Photofocus community. We have four daily themes per day that you can participate in.

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Benefits of Participation

One of the biggest benefits is the interaction with fellow photographers. It’s nice to connect with others who have in common not only photography, but possibly other interests that are reflected in the images posted for themes.

It’s a fun way to experiment. Often times, you’re not going to create images that end up in your portfolio. That means trying things you’re curious about. Whether it’s techniques and settings you’re not familiar with or learning new post-processing options. Give it a shot and have fun with it.

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Friday Fun

Create your own themes

If you don’t feel confident enough to join a group of other photographers yet, shoot images for themes that are for your eyes only. Create a time frame to play and check back after that time to see your improvement.

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Shadowlight Sunday