Exploring the Future of Photography: WPPI 2024 Highlights and Innovations

Exploring the Future of Photography: WPPI 2024 Highlights and Innovations

The Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conference of 2024 explored new options for creativity and collaboration. At the event, Fujifilm featured a new way for wedding and event photographers to deliver their images in a ready-to-sell method.

Fujifilm: New cameras with a cloud connection

Over the course of three days, photographers had a chance to explore two of Fujifilm’s newest cameras.  The larger format GFX 100 II and the newly-released X100VI.  Both cameras include the frame.io Camera to Cloud technology built-in, which offers a way to change the speed at which captured images are ready to publish. Several photographers had a chance to go on photo walks with Fujifilm ambassadors Caroline Tran and Shotti, NYC. They put the cameras to the test, shooting in a variety of locations.

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Frame.io: Empowering Creativity with Camera to Cloud Integration

Frame.io, renowned for its cloud-based collaboration platform, has continued to build photo integrations and outreach to photographers.  In this case, both models of cameras let photographers upload photos directly from their cameras to the cloud in real-time, streamlining workflow and enhancing collaboration. The solution allows photographers to capture raw and JPEG files, then choose which is sent to the cloud for faster collaboration or sale.

SmugMug: Image galleries with e-commerce

SmugMug showed their new frame.io integration which dynamically builds web galleries. In this case, as photographers captured photos of a Las Vegas wedding party, the images were quickly uploaded to frame.io.  Photographers could choose to make selects for upload or have their camera auto-upload.  Then a SmugMug gallery is auto-populated with images available for sale or download.  This integration allows wedding and event photographers to sell photos directly at an event while photos are still being made.

Radiant Photo: Ready to print images from the Cloud

Radiant Imaging Labs unveiled Radiant Photo Cloud for a test run at the event. As each image was captured to frame.io, Radiant Cloud detected the upload. Then, a color-corrected and perfectly exposed photo was returned to the server. Images were fully developed using a custom-tuned algorithm designed to accommodate a variety of shooting conditions. The photographer could focus on the moment and the action, knowing that images were color and exposure balanced before publication.

Embracing the Future of Photography

WPPI 2024 was a celebration of innovation, creativity, and collaboration, with industry leaders coming together to showcase the latest advancements in the world of photography. As photographers continue to push the boundaries of their craft and embrace new technologies, the possibilities for what can be achieved are growing.