Happy National Camera Day

Happy National Camera Day

Celebrate National Camera Day with us

According to the National Day Calendarit’s a day to celebrate one of the things photographers can’t live without, our cameras.

This is quoted directly from their site:

Everything comes into focus every year on June 29 when we recognize National Camera Day. The day commemorates photographs, the camera and their invention. A camera is an irreplaceable tool used to capture and replicate memories, events and people/places.

Before the invention of the camera, a painting was the only source to document a vision. Capturing an image of a person or place in a drawing took time and skill. Very few people can perfectly draw someone’s likeness, let alone capture the essence of an event.


The power of a camera offered many a simple, cheap and fast solution. George Eastman, also known as ‘The Father of Photography’, brought the camera to the masses. Although he did not invent the camera, he did develop many additions to improve the use, convenience and production of the camera. His developments made the camera widely available to homes around the world.

How do you celebrate National Camera Day?

Remove your camera from the bag it was in. Clean it up, dust it off and go explore. Can’t go anywhere? Go see what’s in your backyard or grab some kitchen utensils and play on the kitchen table.

Whether you use a film camera, DSLR, mirrorless camera or your phone, the possibilities are endless!

Share your images

Join the Photofocus Community and share the photos you took for National Camera Day. We like to see them.