High end photographic printing products

High end photographic printing products

While attending Professional Photographers of America ImagingUSA in Louisville, KY I ran into the folks from Mid-South Color Labs. They create high end imaging processing products that I thought you might like to know about. While they are a full service imagine lab, there’s one product that sets them above the rest.

Mid-South Color Labs

Based in Jackson, Tennessee, Mid-South Color works with clients around the globe. I have always been impressed with the personal service provided. Call Mid-South and you talk with a live person. There’s not a lot of that kind of personal attention from businesses these days. In contact with President, Brooks Clayton for over twenty years, I’ve always been impressed with the friendliness from him all the way through the staff. Can you say Southern hospitality?

Stripped canvas

Stripped canvas is one of the products that set Mid-South apart. This is a high end process that is hand done by artisans. It’s a product line that can help set your studio apart especially in the high-end portrait market. Even if you are only looking to create a single heirloom piece for yourself or a few clients you’d do yourself a favor to check it out. I’ll dedicate this article to how this look is accomplished.

Full video of the process

This video shows how much hand work goes into the final print.
Checking square
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Stapling corners
Stripping emulsion from print.
Stripping emulsion from print
Spray adhesive to print.
Spray adhesive to print
Print bonded to canvas.
Print bonded to canvas
stapling print
Stapling print to frame
stapling frame
Finishing the back of the mount
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Stapling canvas
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Framed print

I didn’t put in all of the steps. but you get the idea. This is a strongly labor intensive process that is magical to see the finished work. This is for creation of legacy products that will last many lifetimes for your clients. A true way to set yourself apart from you competition.

By the way, stripped canvas is not the only specialty product offered by Mid-South Color Labs. Check out the Luma vue panels for back-lit images.

Yours in Creative Photography,