How and why to use a grid on a softbox

How and why to use a grid on a softbox

In this video I show you the power of using a grid to further adjust the light on a softbox. It creates atmosphere and makes it easy to fully control the light.

Customize a softbox with a grid by Enhance your photography and portraits with exposure modifiers Through Robert Vanelli

Transcription course

So now what we want to do here is to change the light a little further where we only use a beam of light. And this next shot is going to be a perfect shot of a beautiful queen. This is Erin. – Hi. – So, to get that look what we should do is to add a modifier on top of our modifier. So we already talked about the comic box. And how the comic box has that nice beam of light. Now what we want to do is add a grid to this comic box. And what it’s just gonna do for us, will it handle that light and position it even further for us.

So, let me put it in its place. Now notice, I’ve got Erin because if we work on this, I don’t want her to get her back muscles all cramped when we bow. Or if she stands still for a long time I don’t want her legs to wear out. And when that happens her facial expression won’t be what we want. So we have a seat on the side for her. She will make her mark. She will stand. Good.

That is it. Good. Let me push this back a little bit. Now slowly bend forward. The closer she gets to that light source, the hotter that light will be. So we will have to do a quick test. And I want to take a quick meter reading. My goal is to f11. So I quickly take a picture. Now, according to this, I’m at 12.7. So what I’m going to do is this. Stand up.

Take a half step back. Just a touch more. Right there. Now bend forward again. just lean in, and head down. Good. Nice. Notification, only that, you can relax for a while, just changed that half step that light by almost half a stop. So I have her here. She’s going to take her position. Let me get ready with the camera. I entered my settings.

Good. Close your eyes for a moment. think now, you are the queen of england at such a young age. That crown is a blessing. Yet it is also a curse. So that crown you are excited to be the queen. But you are always you are also worried that you have all this responsibility. So bow your head just a little bit. Right there. Perfect. Now, if i tell you you will slowly open your eyes. And give me that look. To go. Open.

Nice nice. Good. That’s one. Open. Two. Good. Not in this shot, just give me a hint of a grin.Finished. And open. Nice. Good. Now that we’ve ripped a few frames, what we want to do is review them. And just adjust it a bit. So, Erin, let’s come over here for a second. We took our three pictures. Good. There’s one.

Two. I like that. Oh, there’s that little grin. Good. So that looks very good. Let’s bend your neck your head down a little bit. And with your hands this time, let’s lay hands before you. Yes. And just twist with your fingers. Now, the reason I have her just twirl her fingers like that is by doing that it will distract your mind the expression you have to do, all lights, all cameras. And just the stress of that. So this here, is just a way to just relax.

And shoot your shoulders back a little bit. Good. So we’re going to get that right here.– Okay. – Nice. Okay, let’s take your place. Now that we’ve got the lighting all set up, and we got the posing all done, I want to introduce a new modifier, and that becomes the reflector. The earrings look great. What I want this to do is just adding a touch of light. You may or may not notice it. But if you look at them side by side, you will say, “Wow.

It just adds a little something extra.” And that’s what this is going to do for us. So I’m taking this. Good. Standing right behind her. She takes her mark. Good. And let me grab my camera. Okay, here we go, Erin. Finished? Take your place. Shoulders back. Good. Just like that. Head down a bit more. Right there. Good Erin. Just like that. And open slowly. Nice.

That’s one. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Good. Turn your head slightly towards me. A bit more. Right there. Good. Finished? And go. Nice. OK, the last one. Dip your chin down just a little bit more. Bit more. Right there. Finished? And go. Good. Let your eyes look down a little more. Right there. Open. Understood. Oh, that’s it. That is it. Okay, so here’s the new set.

That looks good. Oh, that looks better. That one over there looks the best. Good. Now so you could see it. What I’m really gonna do is that cut out. Exactly about, here. If we have more time now, I will adjust it further. But you’re not we’re not going to see that’s why we wear an off-the-shoulder dress. Nice. Right there. There it is. Now I know what you’re thinking.

We have a beautiful model, of course the image will look beautiful. Good, Yes that is true. But it’s not just the model. We had to make sure we stylized it. But most importantly, we had to make sure that our modifier matched the look we were going for. And these comic boxes, with that grid are a great modifier.