How to get the best colors on Fujifilm cameras

How to get the best colors on Fujifilm cameras

Not satisfied with the photos you get from your Fujifilm camera? You may not get the colors right. Fortunately, we’ve found some quick tips and tricks to help you fix this and get the best colors on your Fujifilm camera.

In the video above, Samuel Elkins shared his tips to help Fujifilm users get the best possible colors out of their cameras. Elkins, who uses Fujifilm X-T5 and Fujifilm GFX 100S, also noted that he used these tips to create his own color palette.

Among other things, he dealt with film simulations, such as the Provia and Velvia for color photography and Acros for black and white. These, he added, serve as a great foundation for custom editing in Lightroom. Another is adjusting the tonality within the camera settings, where he found he could keep the highlights.

Another important detail is to note how different cameras read and interpret light. Elkins noticed that the GFX 100S reads differently than the X-T5. So he notes the various adjustments he needs to make when shooting a scene to get balanced, well-exposed shots.

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