How to make light painting spirals, the easy way

How to make light painting spirals, the easy way

As a mom of two wild little ones, I am always looking for creative ways to express myself with my photography. One of those ways is with light painting.

Light painting for me is a stress reliever and something I can do after the little ones have gone to sleep. It’s a technique used in long exposure photography where you can use artificial light to illuminate a scene or to create new elements within the image.

Basically, you are running around in the dark, waving a light around to create cool effects. Sometimes during those moments, you feel like a Jedi lightsaber master and you realize you might have missed your calling in life.

Either way, it’s fun and so simple to do. Here is a quick video to show you how I light paint at home. Give it a try. See what you can create. You can even get your kids join in on the fun, they will love it!

Light painting tools

  1. LED Finger Lights 
  2. Backdrop stand
  3. Panasonic Lumix GX8