How to master lenses in 15 minutes

How to master lenses in 15 minutes

If you’re new to photography, one of the things high on your to-do list is getting the hang of your gear. Aside from camera settings, you also need to familiarize yourself with crucial equipment like lenses. However, it can be overwhelming even for non-beginners, especially when switching to a different brand or format.

Here are the quick tips above from nature and wildlife photographer Simon d’Entremont come into view. There are many different choices and considerations you will encounter when it comes to lenses. That’s why in the video above he wanted to demystify different types of lenses so that you can choose the right one the next time you want to buy something.

To do this, he breaks down the variables, lens types, terminologies and definitions you need to know when purchasing a new lens. Camera stores will ask you what you’re looking for in terms of focal length, prime vs. zoom, aperture and mount type. So it’s important to understand these details to make sure you get the lens (or lenses) you need.

But if you’re a little further along and you’re thinking about switching from one storage facility or system to another, Simon has another bonus tip. You can use adapters instead of buying a new lens. This way you can use your existing lenses if you buy a new camera instead.

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