It’s World Photography Day

It’s World Photography Day

How are you going to celebrate all things photography related?

Here are a few things you can do to celebrate World Photography Day. 

Find a new inspiring photographer to learn from

There are so many photographers out there these days. Who truly inspires you to want to learn more about the art of photography? Plenty of incredible photographers go beyond posting about their settings and only travel to epic locations. 

See who you can find who shares their thought processes. Take your photography beyond the technical aspects. Is there someone out there who talks about the history of our art? There is plenty to learn from that as well.

Teach someone what you know on World Photography Day

I was told years ago by a mentor I had, “in teaching, you learn.” There is much to be said for that. We want to make sure that we’re helping someone else the best we can. While doing this, we research and double-check our information.

It’s so rewarding to pass along the knowledge you’ve acquired in your photographic journey. When you see that moment click and your student gets it. It makes you feel good.

workshops two women with camera on tripod world photography day

Watch or listen to all those saved courses you purchase

Oh, I know you have them sitting on your hard drive somewhere. We all do. They’ve never been touched since you downloaded them, right?

Take World Photography Day to pick one and watch or listen to it. Do the work it requires. Learn something new that you obviously thought was important enough to pay for in the first place. 

Also, read those books on your shelves!

learn photography books world photography day

Grab your camera and create on World Photography Day

No better day than today to pick up that camera and head out. There are always plenty of opportunities to create images, even when you think there aren’t.

Check your local areas for any festivals or events that are happening. Car shows, end-of-summer celebrations and so much more you can find. Or, head to a local arboretum, botanical garden or forest reserve. There are never-ending options.

World photography day path through woods


We’d love to hear what you did to celebrate World Photography Day. Better yet, show us the images you created or edited by sharing them in the Photofocus Community.