Mobile Mondays: Using your smartphone as a light meter

Mobile Mondays: Using your smartphone as a light meter

Regardless of what you shoot with and where you shoot, there may come a time when a light meter may come in handy. If you have your smartphone, you can use that.

I am sure that there are loads of apps around — both free and paid options — but I use two that work perfectly. And for me, that’s what’s important.

iOS apps

I used to have the Light Meter on my Android device and it was great. Sadly no longer available on Android, but there is a Light Meter Pro on iOS for $3.99 and by all accounts is still excellent. 

Android apps

Not quite as easy to use or looks quite as savvy is the Light Meter Pro, but I have been playing with the Light Meter Free. You can set your aperture and ISO, and it will give you an approximate shutter speed. Simple and basic, but it works.

It has some other functions too, which may or may not be of interest to you, but I was strictly just looking for a simple light meter I could carry in my pocket. If you have an older version of Light Meter for Android, it still works, it’s just not supported on new devices.

I did try the Lux Meter Free, but I found it to be a little more complicated to use. I was looking for something simple and easy and didn’t require tutorials to figure it out. Perhaps if you have found a great app, for either iOS or Android, let us know and we can check it out and share that too.

So next time you’re about and about and in need of a light meter, pull out the handy old smartphone and use its camera, very convenient (you can even save your settings for later).