Photographer essentials: What to pack for a road trip

Photographer essentials: What to pack for a road trip

It’s that time of year when those of us who go wandering start to turn our thoughts to traveling again. Exploring the great outdoors, looking for wide open vistas, or perhaps looking for exotic locations. Holidays are a time for adventures (for many of us), not sitting by a pool drinking cocktails. I recently took a road trip (the best kind of adventure, I think), where we spent two weeks exploring South East South Australia and Kangaroo Island. Ahhh bliss! But what did I pack?

Apart from the essentials like clothes, food and toiletries, there are several other necessities for a keen photographer. So I thought I’d put together a video on what I packed, as I packed it.


Laptop bag

The first thing to go into my laptop bag was my laptop and cables. But I also had my backup hard drive, drawing tablet and pen (which I never used this last trip). I also use a mouse.

Small day bag

My PGYTech ONEMO Sling bag 7L is the perfect day bag (in my opinion). I use it all the time and this trip was no different.

Tech Pouch

This Tech Pouch by Peak Design is truly fabulous, as it holds so much stuff. It’s like the TARDIS, so much room on the inside! Once packed this fits inside my larger backpack.

Big bag

I don’t use this as a bag as a backpack as once full I can barely lift the Peak Design Everyday 20L Backpack Zip. I’m not very strong but can carry it for short distances. The multiple carry handles make it super easy to use and the fact that I can cram it full of gear is fabulous. I store all the stuff I might need in this and then take it out for day trips or certain shooting conditions. Like extra filters and remotes for sunset etc.

Don’t forget to pack good sturdy shoes, throw in an old towel and a small brush (for sand and dirt etc). We also carry a few plastic garbage bags in the pod for dirty shoes and tripods, etc. Oh and don’t forget to clean things down, if you’ve had your tripod in sand or water, for instance.

Betty Boo the Subaru is looking a little dirty!

Did I use everything I packed? No there were a few things I didn’t end up needing (listed above). But I’d rather have them and not need them, than need them and not have them. Also, not everyone wants to carry so much gear. If I was flying I certainly couldn’t take this much. My hubby (also a keen photographer) took almost as much as I did! However, as it was just the two of us and ALL our camera gear and the open road we figured we’d take as much as we wanted.