SlickPic album templates make sharing photos easier

SlickPic album templates make sharing photos easier

SlickPic is an all-in-one portfolio website and client delivery system that makes it easy to organize, share and showcase your photos. A whole bunch of new album features have been added to make it easier than ever to showcase your best photos, your way.

Whether you are an enthusiastic hobbyist or a professional photographer, having your portfolio of photos in their own home is a good idea. It lets you show off your photos how you want. Social media platforms control how your photos are shared and displayed. Having your own portfolio website avoids that.

Controlling how your photos are shared is a major part of SlickPic: It’s designed to give you control over everything.

Adding on the ability to share photos in custom albums is a must if you are sharing photos with family and friends, or delivering to clients. SlickPic album templates now let you save the settings that you use over and over, so that you can have a client or family album up and ready to share in just a few clicks. Let’s have a look at all the recent improvements SlickPic has added to albums.

SlickPic album templates: Save your sharing settings to reuse

When creating a new album there is now an option in SlickPic to save your settings as a new preset. This means you can reuse all your choices like the default view, the password, privacy, and so on without having to select them again for each album.

Find and edit all your album presets in the settings menu:

(Your name) > Account > Album/Collection Settings and Presets

slickpic album templates
Saving presets for different album purposes like client delivery, competitions and so on is a new powerful feature in SlickPic.

This is extremely powerful for setting up rules for client albums, public portfolio albums, competitions you run and so on.

It is now easier to navigate between albums in your SlickPic Gallery as a new horizontal menu has been added, making it easier to see where you’ve been. This is particularly useful for large albums with lots of sub-albums: Wedding photo delivery, for example. You can separate the gallery into Bridal Prep, Groom Prep and so on.

slickpic navigation menu
The navigation menu lets you browse from one sub-album to the next with ease.

In your album settings you’ll see the new Album Isolation setting. This is a useful tool if you want to keep an album separate from the rest of your SlickPic Gallery. Essentially, this disables the navigation menu from showing higher levels of your gallery.

For example, you can use this for client delivery galleries if you want to keep them from seeing the rest of your gallery. The lower level sub-albums still show up in the navigation menu. Be aware if you use this setting, public albums will still show up at the top of your Gallery: it only isolates from the album level.

Auto-populate client galleries on your portfolio website

Another new feature alongside SlickPic album templates and navigation options is the client delivery feature for Portfolio Websites. As a reminder, SlickPic has two main “public facing” views: Your Gallery and your Portfolio Website. Depending on your plan you may have just a Gallery, or a website as well.

toddler chess
Client delivery can be done directly on your Portfolio Website now, with SlickPic’s new features.

SlickPic now have the option to have client albums auto-populate on your Portfolio Website. This was a much-requested feature because photographers want to have client delivery integrated into their own website. Now, you can add a block to display client albums on your site:

Website > Edit > Add page (choose blank page) > Blocks > Client galleries

Your Portfolio Website will automatically bring in client albums once you select the top level collection. Combined with the Lightroom plugin for SlickPic this is a quick way to get client galleries delivered.

Think about your website SEO when planning client delivery galleries

When deciding if you want to incorporate client delivery onto your Portfolio Website, be aware of how this affects your website SEO. For SEO best practices, you should deliver your client’s album by sending them a direct link to the SlickPic album. This is because when you give clients a way to go to your website and then immediately leave by clicking on their album, search engines are actually seeing that as a “bounce.” This means that the visitor came, and then immediately left the site.

We know that in reality you actually provided them with what they need, quickly! Unfortunately, SEO doesn’t see things the same way. So helping existing clients to find their album directly from your site can actually make it harder for new clients to find you.

toddler playing chess
Putting your favorite photos first should be the priority for your Portfolio Website.

Another reason to consider this carefully is that your Portfolio Website should be a marketing tool to bring you new clients. Your existing clients don’t need to be sold to. Your website is only as good as your worst image. Photos you might include in a client’s album because you know it’s sentimental, but not your best work, may be detracting from the quality of your portfolio.

Because your SlickPic Gallery always has a link to your Portfolio Website anyway, it’s best practice for SEO to send your clients their gallery directly. If they want to see your portfolio, they can still get there from the Gallery.

SlickPic album templates and other new features make it easy to share, showcase and deliver photos

With the new album features from SlickPic Photo Galleries and Portfolio Websites it’s an easy job to get all your best photos showcases. With built-in album templates adding to other features like the new art store, it’s got the online photo tools you need as a photographer. Photofocus readers get a massive discount on SlickPic, so check it out today.