SlickPic Photography Challenge: Black and White

SlickPic Photography Challenge: Black and White

Another week, another fun photography challenge! Are you ready to shake up your photography skills and refill your creative juices with another from the folks of SlickPic? Now on the 14th week of their 52-week Photo Challenge, the task is to capture Black and White photos.

In this challenge, use this timeless technique to highlight composition, contrast, and texture without the distraction of color. Your viewers should be able to focus on the story, emotion or specific elements of your scene. Whether it’s something you’ve already learned or a technique you want to perfect, this challenge makes a great creative exercise.

Need to polish your black and white photography skills or get some new ideas for this challenge? We suggest learning how to see in black and white for starters. It’s also handy to know how to create monochrome images using in-camera settings. Then, explore our extensive list of black and white tips, tricks and projects to help inspire you. Another useful resource is 500px’s 12 tips for black and white beginners.

In case you’re just joining, we also encourage you to check out the full info on the 52-week Challenge.

Photography challenge details

  • Submissions will be accepted until the end of the day on April 7, 2024. So, if you’re in the mood to flex your creative muscles, there’s still plenty of time to make something nice!
  • Submit 3 images by clicking this link
  • Please submit images in JPEG format and upload photos that are at least 2500 on the long side for the highest quality.

Once you submit your photos, you can review them here:

As always, you can ask your friends to join the challenge as well by clicking on the Share button for the album and inviting them to join in. Of course, you can also encourage them to Like and Comment on your submissions!

Submit your Black and White photos now!