The Art of Landscape Photography featuring Vanelli and Gina Yeo

The Art of Landscape Photography featuring Vanelli and Gina Yeo

In “The Art of Landscape Photography,” host Vanelli, Skylum’s Director of Education, introduces viewers to Gina Yeo. Gina is a passionate Canadian landscape photographer who loves teaching and capturing nature’s beauty.

Gina shares her systematic approach to landscape photography. She highlights the crucial importance of preparation, including equipment readiness and meticulous planning. Gina outlines the four essential pillars of landscape photography: fundamentals, technique, composition, and post-processing.

Gina also delves into the intricacies of post-processing. She covers image preparation, construction work, image cleanup, and final adjustments. Her dedication to sharing knowledge and enthusiasm makes this a valuable resource for novice and experienced photographers.


The Art of Photography Webinar Series is an insightful and educational program brought to you by B&H Photo in collaboration with Skylum, the makers of Luminar Neo, and led by Vanelli, Skylum’s Director of Education. This series has been crafted to provide valuable guidance and knowledge to photographers, regardless of their experience level, to enhance their photography skills.

Across a sequence of webinars, we will venture into diverse photography genres, offering in-depth insights into the tools, techniques, and artistic methodologies contributing to creating breathtaking images.