Triumph Motorcycle has announced its entry into motocross

For 2024, Triumph plans to compete in the SuperMotocross World Championship with Global Ambassador Ricky Carmichael. The brand has assembled an extensive team of veteran racers to lead the all-new factory team.

Triumph will release an all-new 250cc 4-stroke MX motorcycle in 2024, with plans to release a 450cc MX model in 2025. Legendary engineers from the AMA Hall of Fame, Dave Arnold as Lead Chassis Engineer, and Dudley Cramond as Lead Powertrain Expert, are assisting in the development of the motorcycles.

There will be two factory teams leading the fight for the 2024 championship, the first in the US, while the second will be concentrated in Europe under the leadership of Thierry Chizat-Suzzoni. Looking further into the future, Triumph plans to use feedback from racers and the development team to work on the new chassis and drivetrain of the all-new MX and Dual-sport lineup. More details on the launch of Triumph’s off-road range will be available shortly