Visualizing artwork on your walls

Visualizing artwork on your walls

Visualizing artwork on your walls is not always easy. Many decorating companies offer a service that allows you to place artwork on your own walls, virtually so you can get an idea of how it looks.

Visualizing arrangements

When you place an image in a mock-up situation, it can help you determine the size of print you need. It can also show you if the colors will work in your particular room (if you are using a virtual room mock-up of your own space). We often do not realize how big a space is until we put a 16-by-24 inch framed print in it only to see how much extra room we have.

You can create different arrangements with more than one piece to see how they work together, or not. Try out different frame types, mats and colors as well.

Sizes are easier to visualize on a wall

Whether it’s for yourself or a client, it’s much easier to see what sizes of prints look like above a couch. If you upload your images on Fine Art America they have three options that will show you what your artwork looks like on the wall. This is the couch option.

Where to go to find room mock-ups

Some artist sites automatically have this as a function directly. They allow you to choose the piece you’re looking at, upload an image of the wall from your home and place the piece of art. Other artists create their own mock-ups using room mock-up graphics from various graphic image supply sites and stock photos.

Here are a few places you can check out that I’ve come across. Some offer free room images, others are pay per downloaded images and some are subscription-based.

There are also apps you can use that have room mock-ups and also ways to “put” an image on your own wall. Smartist is one that so far is only an iOS app.

Art is personal

I’ve said that before and I’ll continue to say that more than likely. It’s true. Our tastes in subject matter, colors, styles and our personal spaces are all different. What works for one will not work for another. Try things out first by visualizing artwork on your wall first.