Welcome to the world of tubers

Welcome to the world of tubers

Welcome to the world of tubers. Now you may be wondering what the heck it is. Basically, this genre of photography includes artistic arrangements in perfect condition.

What is tubers?

Knolling photography, also known as “flat” photography, is a unique style of arranging objects in a visually appealing and organized way. The term “knolling” originates from the word “knoll”, meaning to arrange objects neatly at right angles to each other. It’s great for similar items, ephemeral and collectibles.

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Subject for tubing

Subject matter for knolling images can be wide and varied, as a quick check pinterest will show. There are so many options available, from tools and cookware to camera gear and musical instruments, even clothing. Check out this screenshot from Pinterest.

Screenshot of Pinterest board to tuber
Screenshot of the Pinterest board for knolling

Use of knolling photography

Knolling photography meticulously arranges items, often with their components or accessories, in a clean and symmetrical layout. This technique not only shows the individual objects, but also emphasizes their relationship to each other. Knolling photography appeals to people who appreciate order, balance and aesthetics. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as product catalogs, social media posts or creative displays as it allows for a clear and engaging presentation of objects. In addition, knolling photography can help convey a sense of organization, attention to detail, and artistic composition.

Capturing order and aesthetics in harmony

If you like order (or need some in your life), check out this intriguing genre of photography and give it a try. I’m pretty sure I’ll start doing it myself soon.