What's coming up: Photography events to put on your summer calendar

What’s coming up: Photography events to put on your summer calendar

In response to our report on festival, fairground and carnival photography, we received many responses about summer activities. After our last “off the show floor post,” we had a few people tell us, “I would have gone, but I didn’t know” or “WOW, sorry I missed that one.” So I thought of a quick update on some upcoming events that are definitely worth considering. With summer just around the corner, let’s photograph you all!

Drink and click

I know a few readers reported that the Drink and click events are super fun and worth checking out. Check out their website for more information about their group and the events they do.

Photography workshops and competitions

Depending on your budget, preference for learning (virtual or in-person), or your professional focus, interest in each of these will vary.

There are also other factors such as your preferred software and your market niche (events, weddings, portraits, landscapes, video, etc.). It’s important to keep this in mind when deciding which events to attend or participate in. Depending on your availability and location, virtual or in-person workshops and events can provide valuable learning and networking opportunities.

By focusing on specific niches, you can hone your skills and develop a unique style that sets you apart.

Consider entering a contest as this can be a great way to engage with the photography community and get feedback on your work. They provide an opportunity to showcase your talent and gain recognition. Be sure to research and select matches that align with your goals and interests.





If you don’t see an event that’s on your radar or if you’re pinning one and it’s not there, let us know and we’ll keep updating it throughout the year!

Overall, as a photographer, it’s exciting to have a variety of summer activities and events to explore. By actively participating and staying involved, you can improve your skills, broaden your network and potentially discover new opportunities in photography. Stay safe and enjoy your summer shots!