Who needs gels for Halloween?

Who needs gels for Halloween?

With Halloween coming up fast, you might be on the lookout for some cool, creepy Halloween effects and what’s better than using gels? Well, if you have the Lume Cube Tube Light Mini, it’s the perfect tool for the job.

Hary did a fabulous makeup job

Get your Halloween fix with Lume Cube Tube Lights

Grab a friend, it helps if they are an absolute wiz with makeup like Hary May … and create some cool, creepy monster vibes. I dressed Hary in a black goth dress and black velvet gloves, we also added some gold fingertips. Next, I set the Lume Cube Tube Lights on some light stands. Using the App, I set one to green and the other to red. Or both to red. We played with various color combinations but those were our favorites. So much easier than using gels on strobe lights. We placed them behind the smoke machine to hit and light up the smoke too.

You can see the Lumtube set to red on the light stand here
You can see the Lume Cube Tube Light Mini set to red on the light stand here
You can even hold them
Handhold them with ease

You can hold them too

Did you ever hold a torch under your chin in the dark as a kid and tell ghost stories? Well, welcome to 2023! As the Lume Cube tube lights don’t get hot, you can easily handhold them for some spooky effects too. You can’t really do that with gels and studio lights. We had so much fun in the studio playing with these lights and got some fabulously creepy results.

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Totally get creative with Lumecube

The Lume Cube Tube Light Mini allows you to be totally creative, you can use various settings, not just the colored lights, there are special effects too. You can read all about these lights here.

Makeup by the incredibly talented Hary May